Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yellowstone #1

October 19 - 21, 2007 (#1)
I just came back from my trip to Yellowstone. It was such a memorable, exciting, and breath-taking trip. I might not be able to write much today because I am still tired and quite sleepy, but I’ll try to write as much as I can.
We left Bozeman in the afternoon to stay overnight at a motel before heading to Yellowstone the next day. That night we had a Thai cuisine party. We ate boiled rice with pork and fish and steamed eggs. Pi Poo (Sawalee) was a good cook. The food was simple Thai dishes, but they were very delicious for us all judging from how much each of us ate that night (from my observation, everybody seemed to be overstuffed). Early next morning, we arrived Yellowstone National Park. As usual, our minds were set on seeing snow, and our most famous topic was whether we would see snow at Yellowstone. Though, Brody and Jess kept assuring us that we would see snow, some of us were skeptical because we had been told that it would snow in Bozeman for many days, but we still hadn’t seen any.
We stopped at a gift shop to buy some souvenirs, then, on our way to a restroom we found….a bison! It was rather unusual to see a bison in such a place. I expected to see one in the wild with its herd, but I didn’t expect it to be right beside the tourist restroom!! Later, we learnt that that bison was sick, so they brought him near the park center so they could take care of him. That’s the first time I had a close look of a bison. He was such an adorable animal (at least for me). He has think fur, big round eyes, and big belly. Also, he seems to be a calm, and peace-loving animal.
After that we went up to see the stone called “the Liberty Hat” (I am not sure if I am right or not) and hot springs. It was great and even greater when we saw something was falling down the sky. Yes! It was snowing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the first snow I have ever seen. It was light snow and I couldn’t actually touch it for it would melt before touching my hands. However, we could see it on our jackets, our hair, and our hats. Many of us took lots and lots of photos with our first snow ever.
Then, we went hiking to see different geysers. We were tired but we enjoyed taking photos and most of all we enjoyed playing with snow: throwing snowballs at one another, tasting the snow, and lying down on the snow. We could see a panoramic view of Yellowstone and the waterfall. There, we realized why Yellowstone was called Yellowstone. It’s because….

To be continued…

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Jim Macdonald said...

Hi there, I know what you are going to say in your "continued." However, Yellowstone is not named after what you think it is. It's not named after anything in the park at all. Good guess, but wrong.

See History of Yellowstone as a Place Name for more on the history (other readers don't read ahead if you don't want to spoil your surprise in the story).

Cheers and great story so far,